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FULL Pc Study Bible 5 jaelsham




This software is intended to be used with Bibles and commentaries. The main features are the following. Keyword Search Keywords can be found in the language mode or in the search fields. In the language mode, keywords are in English or Latin, it can be found from the menu Language / Translator / Search in the language mode. The search field, in the search module can be used as a full phrase, a phrase with special characters, a phrase with words and numbers, and even as a number, e.g. 14:00 to find what time it is at that hour. Finding Keywords As soon as a keyword is found in the text of the Bible, an entry for that keyword is created in the Keyword Table. The number of searches a keyword can have, indicates the frequency of the keyword. The text is highlighted at the places in the text that are marked with the key words. The frequency of the keywords is also indicated in a list of most frequent keywords. References The Bible text can be searched by book, chapter or verse. The reference mode gives access to more than 28 Bible dictionaries, commentaries, thesauri, concordances and more. Commentaries and studies The Bible text can be searched by book, chapter and verse, as well as the frequency of the keywords in the Bible text. An entry is created for each search. Concordances and thesauri The concordance search and the thesaurus search give access to more than 9,000 lexicographical entries. A concordance is built for each text, highlighting words that have a link to other entries. Study modules A study module gives access to various study aids. The module in the study of the Bible, offers access to the apocryphal texts and the deuterocanonical books. References and concordance in Latin References in the Bible are compiled into a concordance in Latin. This means that the comments in the Bible text are in Latin, while the concordance is in the language of the Bible text. References in non-Latin languages References are given in non-Latin languages for languages ​​which are not translated in the Bible. Widgets The user interface of the program is divided into different screens: Home Screen, the three languages of the Bible, Help Screen, Options and Features Screen. The Home Screen



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FULL Pc Study Bible 5 jaelsham
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